Mental Health Ministry

    Renewing Hope

    Offering a safe, understanding community for developing spiritual habits to support your mental health.

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    Celebrate Recovery

    On-going adult support group

    Discover 8 principles for moving through life's hurts, hang-ups, and habits towards wholeness in Christ in this year-round, free support group.

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    Congregational Care

    Offering pastoral care, cancer journey support, spiritual care, prayer, counselling, and hospital visitation.

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    Divorce Care

    Offering a safe community of support and learning as you journey through divorce.

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    Grief Support

    A safe community and free resources as you journey through your grief.

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    Marriage 911

    In a marriage crisis? Find support and healthy, productive ways to turn around a troubled marriage God's way - even with an unwilling partner.

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    Oil Change Day

    Community Engagement Group

    Serving together to offer vehicle care to single moms, new immigrants, widows and seniors who are struggling financially.

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    Riding the Waves in Your Marriage

    Learn to face life's challenges together and even thrive when problems crash in on your marriage.

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    Separated and Waiting, God’s Way

    It's never too late to have hope for your marriage - even during separation with an unwilling spouse.

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