Yes, your marriage can be saved.

*If your safety is at risk, call 911 or the 24-hour Family Violence Info Line: 310-1818.

Feel like you’re drowning in a marriage crisis? Discover healthy and productive ways to approach your difficult circumstances. Learn to place your focus and energy into areas that will help you remain or become healthy and whole in the midst of a marriage crisis.

This Christ-centered course commonly becomes the foundation for turning around a marriage crisis. Gain tools for growing your marriage – God’s way – even with an unwilling partner. You can participate with or without your spouse; men and women meet separately.

Between sessions, you’ll be encouraged to meet with a same-gendered friend who will be your support partner. This person will agree to connect with you weekly, pray for you, and hold you accountable for what you’re learning. A Support Partner Handbook is included to guide your friend’s support.

Available in an online format with Marriage 911 fauthors Joe and Michelle Williams.

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As part of The Calgary Marriage Network, we’re happy to let you know when this program is offered at another partnering church.

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