Item Donations: Meeting Practical Needs

Support people in need in practical ways through donating household goods, furniture, and seasonal items. The list below will be updated regularly to reflect the most current needs for supporting newcomers to Canada, refugees, and local partners through First Alliance Church.

If you’re a newcomer in need of support, please contact Michelle Peters.

Household Items for Ukrainian Families

Items Needed Gently Used / Like New*  New
Towels YES YES
Kitchen Towels YES YES
Dish Sets YES YES
Drinking Glasses YES YES
Pots & Pans YES YES
Baking Dishes YES YES
Kitchen Utensils YES YES
Queen Sheet Set YES
Double Sheet Set YES
Twin Sheet Set YES
Toilet Paper YES
Paper Towels YES
Kleenex/Tissue YES
Cleaning Supplies YES
Laundry Soap YES
Hand Soap YES
Dish Soap YES
Diapers, Size 5 YES
Ikea/Walmart Gift Cards YES
Grocery Gift Cards YES

 *For gently-used items listed above, please consider if it’s something you’d offer to a guest in your own home. If you would, we would love to extend your gift to someone in need! If it’s something you wouldn’t give a house guest, we don’t want to give it to one of ours, either.

Furniture Donations

To donate, please send photos of each furniture item. We’ll determine if we’re able to place the item with a family before we accept the donation. Please make sure all hardware is in a plastic bag, taped to the furniture item.

We accept the following furniture:

  • Headboards, bed frames (please label the headboards & frames with the size: queen, full, or twin only)
  • Couches/sofas (no sleeper sofas)
  • Kitchen tables & chairs
  • Dressers
  • Coffee tables
  • Cribs

Sorry, we can’t accept:

  • Used Mattresses
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Sleeper sofas
  • Decorative items

If you’d like to give a monetary donation to support newcomers and refugees, please designate your financial gift to the “Care Fund”.

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