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Learn how to face marriage and family challenges together, without wiping out.

When the waves of life start to get you down so you no longer see hope for your marriage, Riding the Waves of Tribulation in Your Marriage, God’s Way not only provides examples of couples who looked to God to strengthen their marriage in the midst of tribulation but also gives down-to-earth ways to point you in God’s direction to trust him with your marriage during any of life’s challenges.

This 8-week self-study workbook is for individuals or couples who want to learn to face marriage and family challenges together without wiping out … just like experienced surfers can face huge waves with confidence.

Workbooks are available for purchase at Cornerstone Marketplace (on-campus bookstore) or at the Library at the FAC Deerfoot campus.

No registration is required. To learn more, please contact Ron Buschman.

I wait quietly before God,
    for my victory comes from him.
 He alone is my rock and my salvation,
    my fortress where I will never be shaken.
(Psalm 62:1-2)

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