DiscoveryLand Grade School

Between September and June, kids in Grades 1-4 gather during weekend services upstairs at the south end of the building for creative large-group Bible teaching and music, and connecting in small groups for activities and discussion with committed DiscoveryLand classroom leaders. Join us Saturdays, 6:30 pm, or Sunday, 9:15 or 11:15 am!

Summer in DiscoveryLand

Kids entering Grades 1-6 are joining their families in the main services for 1-hour, kid-friendly summer services this July & August focusing on the fruit of the Spirit.

Why Worship Together?

Family Worship Weekends give your kids the opportunity to see you engage with the entire church family and join in too. Kids learn so much from seeing their parents worship God and engage in the weekend gatherings!

This summer there will be an opportunity for your kids to participate in communion and baptism. If your child has made a profession of faith in Jesus, we encourage you to talk with them about these topics as a family and participate together!

Summer Calendar

  • June 29/30 – Check In for Grade 1-4 Year-End Party!
  • July 6/7 – Family Worship Weekend
  • July 13/14– Family Worship Weekend (Baptism)
  • July 20/21Family Worship Weekend
  • July 27/28 – Check In for Summer Blast!
  • August 3/4 – Family Worship Weekend
  • August 10/11 – Family Worship Weekend (Communion)
  • August 17/18 – Family Worship Weekend
  • August 24/25 Check In for Summer Blast!
  • August 31/September 1 – Family Worship Weekend

DiscoveryLand Grade School fall kick-off at the Deerfoot campus is September 7/8, 2019.

Stay tuned for the launch of DiscoveryLand this coming fall at the coming FAC Southwest campus!

Growing Faith at Home

  • Weekly GodTime worksheets and monthly memory verses are available to take home every weekend from September-June to help you build upon what we’re learning in DiscoveryLand.

Giving Back: Offering Projects

We want to teach kids the Biblical practice of offering a part of all that we have back to God, to say thank you for all He’s given to us. That’s why we encourage kids to bring some pocket change each weekend to give towards seasonal offering projects that benefit others through local and global partnerships.

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Seeing the kids focusing on the lyrics and singing their hearts out to God ... brings happy tears to my eyes.

- Colleen, DiscoveryLand volunteer