Note: You will receive a Realm invite to login within 24 hours. Please check your junk/spam folder.


Note: You must set up your Realm password for the first time through a web browser prior to logging into the Realm Connect mobile app. 

How is my information protected?

Realm’s main purpose is community engagement through the use of groups. It is not an online directory where people can see your personal information. As per the Alberta Protection of Privacy Act for non-profits, we do not provide personal information of our congregants or visitors.

By default, your name, address, phone number, and other contact information can only be seen by staff members, leaders, or members of groups you are in. Other members will only see your name and photo. In order for other members to see your information, you must adjust your privacy settings and opt in to the directory.

You, as a member of Realm at First Alliance Church, can change your privacy settings to give out as much or as little of your personal information as you desire to the groups you are a part of. And don’t forget to use a good, secure, randomized password.

More on ACS Technologies – Realm Privacy Policy


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