Theatre Arts

Seeing stories brought to life on stage or screen reminds us that we all have a story that’s part of a bigger story. Theatre arts is used at FAC to help point us toward our Creator in the weekend services, while seasonal full-length special productions create great opportunities to invite the broader community to experience the arts in a welcoming church setting.

Theatre Artists’ Gathering

Reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and share thoughts about FAC’s Creative Arts history and your hopes for its future over coffee and tea. Let’s dream together! Please contact Jenn Poppe before November 24 to RSVP:

Saturday, November 26
9:30-11:00 am, Prayer Centre (upstairs near offices)
FAC Deerfoot; no cost

Advent Series: Voice Over Opportunity

This year’s Advent series, Hidden Lights will examine the women in Jesus genealogy that are often misunderstood, avoided, or uncomfortable. They’re mysterious and strange, but still beautiful. They’re lights which point us to THE light – Jesus Christ. We’ll look at justice for Tamar, Rahab’s courage, Ruth’s tenacity, Bathsheba’s hope, and Mary’s surrender to the Light being born in her. Each week of the series we’ll have a creative video featuring stars/lights and a women’s voice over exploring themes from that week’s story.

We are looking for 3 more women’s voices to record voiceovers. Are you drawn to the story of Rahab, Ruth, or Bathsheba? Auditions will take place November 22-30, and will involve sending Jenn Poppe a short audio clip of you reading a portion of the script provided.

Christmas Eve Auditions

This year’s Christmas Eve service will focus on the story of Mary as she chooses to surrender to the Light being born in her. Themes will include family, connection, shame, calling and faith. The story will be told through 4 theatre scenes totaling 20 minutes, carols, worship and performative music, original dance by Crossings, and a 10 minute sermon from James. We are looking forward to a warm and accessible service that provokes us to think deeply about what God is calling us to believe.

Saturday, November 26, 2022
11:15 am-1:00 pm, Prayer Centre (upstairs near offices)  
FAC Deerfoot

If you’re unavailable for the audition time but want to be considered, please let us know. Rehearsals will take place Saturday mornings and some evenings throughout December. Exact schedule to be determined based on actor availability. Auditions will consist of reading a short section of the script. Please RSVP by emailing Jenn Poppe before November 22 to be sent material to prepare.

Roles Available

  • Anne: 30+ years old; female. Mother of Mary. A good teacher. Clear, decisive, fiery. STRONG VOCALIST (sings, “Matthew’s Begats,” (2 scenes).
  • Young Mary: 8 years old; female. A good listener and question-asker (1 scene).
  • Mary: 15-25 years old; female. Questions and fears, yet calmly surrenders to her calling. Grows to be a teacher like her mother (3 scenes).
  • Gabe: 30+ years old; male. Relaxed and confident. Seems down to earth, yet otherworldly. An angelic messenger (1 scene).
  • Joachim: 40+ years old; male. Father of Mary. A peacemaker (1 scene).
  • Joseph: 20-30 years old; male. Astonished, choosing faith (1 line).

Visual Arts

Creative stage sets, graphic design, art exhibits, and permanent art installations invite us into worship or mark a significant moment in our journey together. We’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for opportunities to create at and for FAC!

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