Soul Care Introduction

Looking for freedom from shame, guilt, depression, fear, worry, anxiety, striving, or other obstacles that keep you from flourishing? This Soul Care introduction walks through 4 spiritual disciplines that help you learn God’s truth and then move that truth from your head to your heart and into action in practical ways, including:

  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Meditative Bible study

Practicing these disciplines develops a deeper, more intimate relationship with God, helps you embrace your identity in Christ, and makes space for God’s love to heal your body, emotions, mind, will, and spirit.

Soul Care Session

Please contact Anne Freeman to ask about the next session date offered!

“Without asking, all of my questions were answered! ‘Let God transform me’ – I thought it was all my doing. God knows me, what I need – He is dependable. (Linda McLaughlin, participant)

Developing A Soul Care Plan

Starting with a soul care assessment and the opportunity to prayerfully reflect on your current reality, we can help you develop a strategy uniquely crafted for you to care for your body, emotions, mind, will, and spirit. No cost.

Pre-requisite: Soul Care Introduction

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My life has been a journey with many paths, rivers, and mountains, and God has been with me every step of the way even if I didn't want Him there. He pursued me without fail and has healed me in more ways than I care to count ... even now, He continues to heal me. It's a process. Nothing is too much for God to handle ..."

- Jeremy