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Christian Ethics

  • June 22/23, 2019

We’ve all got to make choices that shape our lives. Choices that determine our future, reflect our priorities … Choices that challenge us, make us better, move us toward being all we’re supposed to be. But what if other people see my choices, my priorities differently? Aren’t they up to me? What if being all I’m supposed to be isn’t just about me?

  • Series: Romans - Season Two
  • Jonathan Klein
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Propelled By Grace

  • June 29/30, 2019
  • Series: Romans - Season Two

It’s a big assignment, and the outcome is more important than any other endeavor. But the bases seem to be covered — all roles filled with capable, qualified people. It’s just as well … You’d like to contribute, but you just don’t feel like you’ve got the right skills, the right mix of experience, passion, drive. Surely nothing is lost if you just sit back and watch … right?

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  • Saturday 6:30 pm
  • Sunday 9:15 am
  • Sunday 11:15 am