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  • February 22/23, 2020

Ever felt you were created for something bigger? Something with more purpose? Maybe you can see it but can’t figure out how to get there … Or maybe all you can see is where you are now — but you know this can’t be all. What’s keeping you there? What’s holding you back from transforming you into the person you’re called to be?

  • Series: Transformed
  • Grant Sylvester
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God Turns Up And Picks A Fight

  • February 29/March 1, 2020
  • Series: Stranger Things

There are Bible stories — the ones we read to our kids, the ones with the comforting lesson … And then there are Bible stories. The ones that leave us uneasy. That aren’t predictable … explainable … comfortable. What do we do with those? And what do they tell us about the God that is unfathomable, uncontainable, untameable? About what it means to wrestle with Him?

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