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Mary's Song

Waiting … It’s part of the fabric of our lives. Traffic … Career goals … Test results … The waiting time can be irritating or anxious or even excruciating. And nothing we do can make the time go faster, the thing we’re waiting for come sooner — to fall into place or make sense. How do we not waste the waiting?

  • December 8/9, 2018
  • Rhapsody
  • James Paton
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Zechariah's Song

Series: Rhapsody

Few things make us as uncomfortable as silence. We wait, fidgeting as the seconds stretch out. The mind races, searching for the way to end the silence, end the anxious thoughts that begin to bloom. What if by failing to say something, to do something, we miss out? What if we’ve been forgotten? But what to say to fill the silence? To end the silence?

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  • Sunday 9:15 am
  • Sunday 11:15 am