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Welcome! First Alliance Church has always been about building lives that honour God. During this pandemic, we've been reminded that we’re still called to connect, grow, serve, and share the hope of Jesus with our neighbours and our FAC family - even if it looks a bit different than before. And now that we’re gathering both online and in person, that calling is as real as ever! Tap on "COVID-19 UPDATES" above to stay current with how we're staying safe. "Our church has never been closed. We are God's people on mission - everyone, everywhere, all the time." - Pastor James Paton

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Welcome to First Alliance Church – one church in multiple locations! We gather at 3 campuses each week, from all walks of life, all cultures, and all ages to connect, grow, serve, and share in Jesus’ name.

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We're all about helping you take the next step in your journey towards building a life that honours God. Explore groups and classes, find care and support, or learn more about prayer, baptism, and membership.

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Together, let's make a difference here in Calgary and around the world by serving others and sharing the hope of Jesus Christ.

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What does “being human” mean?

  • October 30/31, 2021
  • Series: Imago Dei

Humanity … We share it; we struggle with it. In the gritty brutality of the human experience, in our fragility, sometimes it’s hard to understand what makes us unique in God’s eyes from all the other life He created. But still we wonder … We ponder the truth of human beings having been created to bear the Imago Dei — the image of God Himself. What did He have in mind?

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