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The Investors

The best stories keep you guessing … There’s only so much you can do – after all, you’ve got to work with the resources you have, right? You’re grateful for what you have, and you recognize many have much less. But looking around, doing a quick comparison … how much difference could your little life really make?

  • February 10/11, 2018
  • Tales with a Twist
  • James Paton
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Welcome! We want you to feel at home at First Alliance Church. Thousands come together each week, from all walks of life, all cultures, and all ages to connect, grow, serve and share in Jesus' name...

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Together, let's make a difference here in Calgary and around the world by serving others and sharing the hope of Jesus Christ.

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Series: Famous Last Words

There’s something so significant about a person’s last words … If you knew you were nearing the end of your life, what are the words you’d want the people you love to remember when they think of you? What would you intentionally say to people? What would you do for them — and what would that say?

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  • Sunday 9:15 am
  • Sunday 11:15 am