An Unexpected Triumph (Easter Weekend)

  • April 8/9
  • Series: Unexpected Acts
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What are we talking about?

We might know the Easter story, but does it mean anything to us today? Come experience and celebrate what Easter 2023 offers, April 8/9 at FAC! Expect a 75-minute service filled with worship music, creative elements, and a message of hope from the Bible.

Resurrection – this changes everything. Jesus is vindicated. Death is defeated. The power of sin is broken. The new creation has begun. Does any of this still surprise you? You probably know the story. But are you aware of how it intersects your story? Do you comprehend how it changes everything? What might change for you this Easter?

How did God show up in your life this week? What are you thankful for? What is causing stress in your life right now?

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