Online Registration starts May 24, 10:00 am

DiscoveryCamps @FAC and DiscoveryCamps @HOME


We are excited to offer two options for DiscoveryCamps this year!

  • Option 1: DiscoveryCamps @FAC, July 19-22
    This camp will be in-person, at a reduced capacity, and will follow the AHS guidelines for Day Camps. Children will be physically distant but socially connected.

Please note: In-person DiscoveryCamps @FAC are subject to AHS COVID restrictions. If we feel that our staff, volunteers, or the children attending camp will not be safe, we will cancel our plans for in-person camp.  We continue to monitor the situation and will make adjustments as required.

  • Option 2: DiscoveryCamps @HOME, Anytime between July 26 & Aug 27
    This camp will be in the comfort of your own home or backyard and will be run by you!  We will provide you with a kit containing all of the resources, activities and crafts to host your own day camp for your children, and if allowed, your children’s friends. All you need is the ability to play a video on YouTube, a place to do crafts and activities and a space to play outdoor games. If this interests you, please sign up for this camp when registration starts May 24. You’ll receive follow-up information with all the details.