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Although we can’t be together in person this weekend, we’re with you in spirit, and trust you’re able to use these guides to further the discussion with your kids as they’re discovering more about Jesus this week in DiscoveryLand. Have a wonderful week!

Our Preschool and Grade School links for this weekend are below.


July 4/5

This week in preschool (for ages 3-kindergarten), we’re learning – I spy someone Jesus loves, no matter what. Week one we will spy Peter telling people he is not Jesus’ friend. This is the same Peter that saw Jesus walk on water, heal the sick, and vowed to never leave Him. But, after Jesus died, Peter was so afraid that he denied being Jesus’ friend. Later, after Jesus came back, Jesus let Peter know that He still loved him, no matter what. And, Jesus loves us no matter what, too.


Preschool Parent Guide July Activity July Memory Verse


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Grade School

July 4/5

In Grade School (for grades 1-4), we start off the month with something Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus. In Ephesians 2:8-9 we read, God’s grace has saved you because of your faith in Christ. Your salvation doesn’t come from anything you do. It is God’s gift. It is not based on anything you have done. No one can brag about earning it, (NIrV). When it comes to faith in God, everything, especially God’s gift of grace through Jesus, is a gift of love. All we have to do is accept it.

Bottom Line: Jesus is a gift for everyone.

This is a simple yet powerful bottom line we pray sinks into the hearts of kids. There’s nothing we have to do to earn our Salvation. We just have to accept God’s amazing gift of grace through Jesus. We pray this is a decision every kid will make at some point in their life; maybe even this summer!

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DiscoveryLand BINGO!

Who doesn’t love the game of BINGO? It’s such a fun and easy game to play – but instead of just matching numbers, we’ve added a DiscoveryLand twist! We’ve complied some fun activities and adventures to do together as a family. But hurry – you only have a month to get them complete for a chance to win BINGO!

July BINGO Card DiscoveryLand BINGO

Game Rules:

  • Each month a new DiscoveryLand BINGO Card will be released. You will have one month to complete a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) or a black out (entire card) on the BINGO Card.
  • Each card must be submitted by the correct date to qualify to be entered into the prize draw. One row complete = 1 entry, black out = 3 entries.
  • Card Submission Dates: May card due June 7; June Card due July 8; July card due August 7; August card due September 10.
  • Multiple BINGO card submissions allowed. Maximum three entries for the prize (a running tab will be kept for each month)
  • Each month a family name will be drawn for the prize, and they will be notified if the won the BINGO!

How to Play:

  • Download and print the DiscoveryLand BINGO card.
  • Take a picture or video of you completing an activity/adventure in each one of the boxes in a row or on the entire card
    • If you share any pictures/videos on Social Media, tag/mention DiscoveryLand/@discoverylandfac) as we’d love to see what everyone is up to! (We will private message you to see if we can share what your family is up to on our DiscoveryLand Facebook and Instagram pages)
  • Mark the completed task off on the BINGO Card
  • Email your pictures and/or videos to Janeen Robertson (DF Campus Families) or Tamara Wong (SW Campus Families) (multiple photos and videos can be submitted, especially for families that have multiple kids)
    • Include your family name and what activity/adventure is being completed for each picture/video
    • Indicate whether DiscoveryLand can share the pictures on our DiscoveryLand Facebook and Instagram pages
    • If you have completed 1 row or a black out, please send a copy of your completed card to Janeen Robertson (DF Campus Families) or Tamara Wong (SW Campus Families)

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