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Toddlers & Twos and Preschool

April 13/14

Jesus says to tell others about Him. Jesus gives His friends an important job to do—to go and tell everyone everywhere that Jesus is alive and He wants to be their friend forever—and we can do that job too! When we go and tell everyone everywhere that Jesus wants to be their friend forever, we are doing what Jesus says and shining our light.

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Grade School

April 13/14

For week 2, we turn to Genesis 25:24-34, where we find one of the best examples of what happens when someone is not patient—the story of Esau. After a hunting trip, Esau was exhausted and hungry! And wouldn’t you know, his brother Jacob had a pot of stew cooking on the fire. Jacob took advantage of this situation and offered a bowl in exchange for Esau’s inheritance. Turns out, Esau couldn’t resist. He lost something extremely valuable, all because he was impatient.

Bottom Line: When you think you can’t wait, think twice.

Through the story of Esau, we pray that kids will discover why it’s important to have patience and wait. We will face moments when we want to rush and take the first choice that comes our way, but that might not be God’s best for us. We pray that kids will discover that when they wait, they can experience something even better than they can imagine.

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