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As we continue to enjoy these lovely summer days, and as we anticipate our fall season, may I suggest you strengthen your spirit by joining others in memorizing I CORINTHIANS 13. This is known as the great love chapter of the Bible. It defines love in very clear ways, and encourages us to MAKE LOVE OUR AIM as we journey through life. Right now, wherever we live, PEOPLE NEED LOVE! So here’s a practical and doable way to increase the love factor in our world – be it in our own families, neighbourhood, town, country, or continent! GOD IS LOVE and we are His.

What a privilege to become more like Him by memorizing, meditating, and praying this Scripture this Fall.

We shall begin September 8, 2020, at 1:00 pm (Calgary time). This session will last eight weeks, extending through October 27. What a challenge to focus on LOVE for two months! I’m sure God will reveal much to each of us as we press into His heart of love, and then, give Him permission to pass His love on to others. Even the unlovely!

This class is open to people of all ages and genders and ethnicities. We welcome folks from anywhere in the world! By attending this eight-week class you will experience new friends, new insights, new challenges and have personal accountability in the process. What a deal!

If you think you are too old…not so. We have had octogenarians who just memorized Romans 12 (21 verses). We have had folks whose first language was not English do the same. We have had immigrants to Canada, people from Uganda and Iran, BC and ON join us. So please do not hesitate or fear – we will support you and encourage you AND pray with you and for you. We are the Body of Christ wanting to plunge deeper into His Word and have our lives changed from the inside out! God’s Word does just that. Let’s give it a try!

To register for this class, please email me your name and email address so I can add you to our group list. ( There will be a new group list compiled so please don’t assume you are automatically included in this new list.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me by email. If you have friends, family members, kids, teens, grandparents, neighbours
who might be interested, just forward this email to them and invite them to join in the fun!

May you be blessed as we soon begin this LOVE JOURNEY together!

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