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Through various teams and partnerships in Calgary, we want to share the love of Jesus in our city in practical ways, and make a long-term difference in the community.

Here are just a few volunteer-based ways we get to share the love of Jesus in our community:

  • Oil Change Days – basic car maintenance hosted at FAC twice a year for single moms, widows, seniors, or those in financial need
  • School Partnerships – serving local schools through breakfast programs and more
  • Tool Team – practical home maintenance for widows and others in financial need
  • Adoption & Foster Care support – a supportive network and training opportunities for families

“It’s amazing that people give their time and expertise … Thank you!” – Ginny

Also watch for special seasonal campaigns designed to give back to our community in practical ways through partnerships with other local non-profits:

International Student Ministries

An evening of friendly connection can be the start of a life-changing friendship with an international student studying here in Calgary. Mosaic Ministries at FAC partners with groups already making these connections; let us know if you’re interested providing a home cooked meal, taking a student out to a sports event, or becoming a conversation partner.

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Oil Change Day saves me so much stress and heartache! Truly grateful.