About Tool Team

Tool Team is a group of men, women and students at FAC who give their time to practically serve others who have physical or financial limitations and need assistance with:

  • Furniture assembly
  • Minor auto, appliance or household repairs
  • house/spring cleaning
  • basement/garage clean-up
  • Trips to the thrift store or dump
  • Yard maintenance (lawn mowing/snow removal)
  • Computer assistance … and more!

We’re also happy to provide trust-worthy advice to those who may have the financial means to hire professional help, but feel overwhelmed with making the right choice for home, auto and property care.

How Does It Work?

Tool Team members provide volunteer labour to complete approved requests from individuals in need, and use their own tools to get the job done. A mutually agreeable time will be arranged for when the task will be completed; often during weekends or evenings.

Parts and materials needed to get the job done are paid for by the individual requesting help. If it’s agreed that specialty tools or vehicles need to be rented; rental charges would also be paid for by the individual receiving Tool Team care. When finances are a barrier, exemptions may be made.

Serve on the team! Contact us to learn more and get involved.

How Do I Request Tool Team Help?

Please keep in mind Tool Team volunteers are unpaid and serve legitimately disadvantaged and hurting individuals. Please be sensitive – is your request a want, or a need? Please contact us to request the type of service you are in need of and we will arrange assistance from there.

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"You really came through for me when I was in a desperate situation. I can't thank you enough ... you can just call me grateful."

- toolteam care recipient