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If the last months have caused some of your idols – you know, those things you turn to for security, identity, or belonging – to topple, you’re not alone! Many of us have struggled with uncertainty, insecurity, and anxiety, as our worlds have been shaken. That’s the hard news. The good news is that when God allows a massive shake-up, it can be an act of grace. It can be an opportunity for us to be drawn back to our Creator and Sustainer and to give Him back His rightful place as King; the One on the throne of our hearts. Living life in the pursuit of Christ is the only way we’ll live with a purpose, security, and freedom that can never be taken away.

If you’d like to pursue Christ within a community of women, we’d love for you to join us. Register here for the 8 week study by Kelly Minter, No Other Gods: The Unrivaled Pursuit of Christ, beginning the week of October 5th, 2020. You can sign up to participate in an online discussion group, in supported self-study, or in a weekly phone-based discussion group.

**PLEASE NOTE: The start time listed DOES NOT reflect actual start time of groups meeting. See FAQ’s below.**

When do your online discussion groups meet?
We have groups meeting at several different times and on several different days. If you register for this option, we’ll contact you a couple of weeks before study starts to let you know the specific options that are available.

What is supported self-study?
Supported self-study is for women who are not able to join weekly online groups, but who would still like to participate in the study on their own. If you choose this option, you can look forward to receiving periodic phone calls from one of our leaders to discuss what you’re learning through the homework and to pray with you.

How and when will I get my book?
You’ll be able to pick up your book at weekend services a week or two before study starts, or you’ll be given the option of two weekday/weeknight pick up times when you’ll be able to come to the church to pick up your book.

Can I request to join a group with a friend?
Yes! All you have to do to be placed with a friend is send us an email after you’ve registered. Please include your first and last name and your friends first and last name.

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