Deep in the heart of every believer, there is a call. We go about our business and we hear it. We see and interact with lost people each day, and the whisper. And yet the whisper is trying to tell you that you have the key to eternity in your possession.

In this 6-week series called “Compelled,” we will be hearing from people just like you, who heard the call of Jesus and willingly accepted the responsibilities that came with that call. You will hear from people as their lives were changed. They will share what evangelism looks like in their lives and why they feel so compelled to share the truth of Jesus’ amazing love and power in their lives. They will share some of the fears they faced, and how the Holy Spirit brought a peace to their souls, giving them the courage to take steps of action.

Through these stories, you will hear first-hand how Jesus is still in the business of extending His kingdom through “unschooled, ordinary” people, just like He did with Peter and John in Acts 4. Our prayer for this series is that you realize regardless of how “ordinary” you may seem in the world’s perspective, through the Holy Spirit, extraordinary change takes place, and God’s love is boldly shared by those who have experienced it with those who have not.

Sunday’s, October 20 to November 24, 2019
6:30pm to 8:30pm
Meeting Place 1 at FAC-Deerfoot Campus
Cost: FREE

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