Want to become better at spending time with Jesus?

The best way to make a Christian feel guilty is to ask about their devotional life. Many of us struggle endlessly to establish a sacred time with God that feels life-giving. If that sounds like your story, this workshop will help!

God has made us each unique, and He wants us to relate to Him in a way that makes sense with how He’s wired us. Gary Thomas has studied the diverse but common ways that followers of Jesus have used to deepen their relationship with God over hundreds of years of church history. In this 2-hour workshop, explore different ways of engaging with God and identify the pathways to God that resonate with how He created you. Discover and embrace sacred practices that fill you with life and joy, and never dread “doing devotions” again.

Sacred Pathways Workshop
Facilitated by Donna Carter
Please contact us to ask about the next workshop date.

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