Life Hacks

June 20/21, 2020

Series: Positive Disruption


What are we Talking About?

Aristotle, Albert Einstein, and Don Henley have all said it: The more I know, the less I realize I know. We can research, brainstorm, strategize ... We can imitate and seek the counsel of the wisest people. All the best choices we can make to propel us to success bring no guarantees — because ultimately the future is out of our hands. How do we allow the uncertainty of the future to inform the now?

Conversation Starter

To get things started this week, let's answer the following question:

What Life Hacks have served you well? In what ways have you taken care of yourself and found rest these days?

Digging Deeper

Praise & Prayer Points

Spend some time praying and think about what God is doing in your life.

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