Working Backwards

June 6/7, 2020

Series: Positive Disruption


What are we Talking About?

Disruption can mean new perspective. Floating between the “once-normal” and the “yet-to-be-determined normal” can allow us moments to consider the repetitive yet elusive nature of our lives ... How impossible it is to hold on to the moment — even to life itself. What if we could work backwards from the end — could allow the certainty of our mortality to inform how we live?

Conversation Starter

To get things started this week, let's answer the following question:

What clothing was in style when you were a teenager? Is it something you’d wear today? What was the first large item that you saved every penny for?

Digging Deeper

Praise & Prayer Points

Spend some time praying and think about what God is doing in your life.

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