Join us for a Drive-in-style Service!

This Saturday, April 10 | 6:30 pm | Deerfoot Campus, North Parking Lot
Tune in on 104.7 FM. No registration is required.


  • Please REMAIN inside YOUR vehicle
  • Leave ONE STALL open between each vehicle
  • Keep WINDOWS CLOSED, unless you’re 6 feet away from other vehicles / wearing a mask
    (open sunroof is allowed)

The earliest Christians (translated “Christ-like ones”) were often called “followers of the Way.” What set them apart? What were they building? A culture … A political mindset … A moral code? And what about us … What does it look like to follow The Jesus Way now? What exactly — and Who exactly — are we aligning our lives with? And what’s His endgame?

Mark 1: 14-15, The beginning and first preaching of Jesus (Matthew 4:12-18), John 3:1-21

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Saturday 6:30 pm | Sunday 9:15 & 11:15 am