February 1/2, 2020

Series: Transformed


What are we Talking About?

Demonstrative or reserved ... Bubbly or restrained ... Verbal or reflective ... We may not all express them the same way, but we all deal with emotions. And regardless of what the world sees when they look at us, we all have times our emotions are confusing ... Times when it comes down to either transforming our hearts or having them transform us.

Conversation Starter

To get things started this week, let's answer the following question:

Which of the mental health verses from this past week was the most meaningful to you? When you hurt yourself (stub your toe, whack your thumb with a hammer, etc) do you tend to stuff it, yell at it, cry about it, or dance around?

Digging Deeper

Praise & Prayer Points

Spend some time praying and think about what God is doing in your life.

Daily prayer guide

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