Unexpected God

June 3/4, 2023

Series: Unexpected Acts


What are we Talking About?

Sometimes "Statements of Belief" in churches feel like software licenses, having to check “I agree” to proceed. When followers of Jesus talk about the Trinity, what exactly do they mean? What are we agreeing to? Are there 3 Gods or 1 God? What difference does it make? What does it mean to be in a relationship with the Triune God?

Conversation Starter

To get things started this week, let's answer the following question:

How did God show up in your life this week? What are you thankful for? What is causing stress in your life right now?

Digging Deeper

Praise & Prayer Points

Share what God is doing in your life and spend some time praying for each other’s prayer requests.

  • How can we help one another in our group?

  • Who else (outside of our group) needs our help? How can we help them?

  • Who should we pray for today?

Daily prayer guide

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